Been thinking about it for a while finally rounded up most of my clips sat down with ryan kenny and started editing a movie for Innersetion! So check it out and rate my section greatly appreciated guys thanks! <.

B roll for Taylor Steels Innersection

Boulders Session
Fun little session the other day with Cans and Eli Steele filmed by UNDERGROUND PRODUCTIONS

Keeping you up to date!
July issue featured a section in DVD
The Kinetic Tapes.
Ocean & Earth movie.

Featured few clips in the DVD
 Lifesupport cuts through the exterior facades of the modern day surf culture and like a heart attack unveils surfings new skool talent.
A surfing film guaranteed to bring more than just quality entertainment, arresting it's viewers releasing them from mental enslavement.
JC Epidemic in Association with:
JC Underground Productions

Me my brother and a few mates at home having fun!
North coast fires < Video

None stop waves feels like forever!!

 Line up of the day

Walsh brothers Indo Slab feature Video

Return to the wave palace 

Issue five.
Java trip


Northern NSW Close to home.

pacitan slideshow - slideshow maker
Headed over to Java last week with my brother, a filmer and photographer chasing a swell, went to a small fishing village called Pacitan where there is a picture perfect bay with an amazing left and right reef break!
Did a ASL trip here 4 years back scoring some fun waves but could see with a bit more swell and in the right direction this place had a lot of potential, since then a friend from Ballina has bought land here and just set up a cool little surf camp with bungalows right at the sands edge over looking one of the heaviest waves in Indo and one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen and with all the seafood you could imagine... lets just say I enjoyed myself!!
 Check it out for yourself

The Place

 2007 Pacitan Trip

Le-Ba Indoecosurf trip from indoecosurf

New Shooters
Picked up some new sticks yesterday got a little bit arty keen to get them in the water :)


Started getting a few boards of emery a few months back and was really happy with how they where going so i hit him up to ride full time got the part stoked! 
With many advantages get to play around with my board designs with Emery having one of the best board cutting machines in the world making it easy to modify and adjust the smallest of thing easy and being able to clone favorite boards to a dime!

Emery being one of the frontiers in new board technology means me and the team getting to try fresh new designs, materials with super light boards that are strong and long lasting, Trying different board flexes that generate more speed giving a edge over the rest of the field!   

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Long Time no update
Sorry ladies and gents been a bit slack first time iv updated my blog in centuries had a laptop failure so iv been out of action but don't worry I'm back online now and will be updating on the regular! Here is a bit of what i have been up to!
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May 2011.

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West Oz



Canary Islands, Las Palmas & Gran Canaria


Hygiene Pro WQS Japan

Ended up coming home with two 5ths from japan and a bit of prize money alowing me to compete in a 5star in Portugal and a 5 star and a 6 star prime in the Canary Islands!!

With a few injuries allowing me to compete in most of the first leg of the WQS events hoping for a few good results at the end of the year hoping for a good start in 2011..